Kitchen Extentions Project 9

When it was decided to open the kitchen into a new leisure area overlooking the lake Heritage was the obvious choice having already completed three projects at the property over the years.


Kitchen Extensions Project 8

Our clients required a brighter and more spacious kitchen as well as an additional toilet and downstairs shower. A heritage Orangery fulfilled all their requirements as well as creating an attractive addition to the rear elevation of the house.

Kitchen Extensions Project 7

This family home has one thing in common with many households, a growing family!

As with many others the family needed additional space to cope with the expanding numbers.

The solution was to remove the kitchen wall and use the existing kitchen area as a galley with a Heritage Orangery as the kitchen extension for use as a dining leisure area.


Kitchen Extension Project 6

For this project, as in so many, the family were struggling with the limitations of the kitchen while the lounge/diner didn’t offer the ideal living environment for a growing family. A downstairs toilet and separate utility room were also desperately needed.

Time for a Heritage makeover! The existing kitchen window was made wider with the use of steelwork to create the entrance/hallway into the new kitchen extension.

Kitchen Extensions Project 5

For many, the attractions of living in a large Victorian Townhouse with its space and character can be diminished by the lack of kitchen amenities usually acharacteristic of this type of property. For a lover of cooking this is a problem that has to be overcome. On this project previous owners had tried to provide modern facilities but with limited success.

The Heritage brief was to create a bright, modern area in which to create culinary masterpieces while being assisted byJamie Oliver on the big screen!


Kitchen Extensions Project 4

They say you need to build on strong foundations. The Heritage approach is to give you a strong skeleton as well via a steel portal frame, ensuring long term the stability for you building and enabling ambitious ideas to be possible.

Kitchen Extensions Project 3

One of the downsides to living in a large listed building is that they invariably have miniscule kitchens! For the Millar’s this was a situation they could no longer put up with, especially as the house was once ‘The Bakery’! Having searched the Web they were confident the ‘Heritage touch’ was what they needed and duly invited us along for a preliminary chat.

Kitchen Extensions Project 2

Having gained planning and listed building permission for an Architect designed kitchen extension, it was felt that something a bit more interesting was needed if the investment was going to be worthwhile.
Having discovered our website it was decided a Heritage Orangery would fit the bill.
Once we had re-designed the project the new design needed to be submitted to planning and Conservations plus Building regulation approval obtained.

Our client wanted a larger modern kitchen with a more cheerful and bright view of the garden. A new dining room was also on the shopping list, to be accessed from the kitchen.
A very leaky old garden room with a well in the middle would need to be removed to make room for the new project.

Kitchen Extensions Project 1

Where do you put a new kitchen in your new home if you haven’t much space? In a Heritage kitchen extension was the answer for this family.

Conservatories Project 6

When connecting to a low building trying to connect at the same height can be problematic. On this project the Heritage team decided to go up, using a parapet wall along one side.